Apple Just Released a Preview of Its Big iPhone Update. Here's What's New

The text describes a beta version of software from Apple Inc.

Apple Just Released a Preview of Its Big iPhone Update. Here's What's New

Apple will release the official software in the fall alongside the new iPhones. This software is available to all iPhone users with compatible iPhones. The public beta is now installed using a different process. Check out some of the most significant changes in iOS 17!


You can now choose your own picture and font when calling another iPhone user. This is one of the biggest changes to iOS 17. Apple has announced that its autocorrect system is now based on a new language model based on transformers. Apple's messaging app received one of the biggest updates it has seen in many years. The interface will have hidden apps, such as stickers and the camera. They are now available in a menu to the left of the keyboard, rather than on top. Source: Apple

iOS 17 comes with a new Journal application that encourages users to write a few words every day. The app then uses machine learning on the device to intelligently prompt them to write more. It can be about memories, people, photos, or music. Source: Apple

Instead of the old lock screen when users place their iPhone horizontally onto a wireless charger it will display a brand new interface that includes widgets like a clock or calendar, alarms, and other real-time data. Apple is adding the ability to use offline maps in iOS 17 by allowing users to download them and then use them. Apple is the first to enable this feature, which has been available on Google Maps for many years. AirPods Pro 2nd Generation.

AirPods Pro users will discover new features enabled by the iOS. Apple's machine-learning technology has been able for some time to identify cats and dogs in photos. Now it can also identify specific pets, and place them in their respective photo folders. Apple's Reminders can now automatically sort a list of groceries into categories like frozen foods, dairy or produce. Apple has also included a Screen Distance detector that will alert users if their face is too close to the phone for a prolonged period of time. Source: Apple
Apple Voicemail transcription.

Apple added voicemail for FaceTime for the first. Apple is known for its ability to automatically enter two-factor codes received in text messages into appropriate boxes on apps and websites. Apple Music now allows users to fade between songs or fade the first song out as the next one starts to fade in. Users will be able collaborate on playlists. Spotify has been offering this feature for years.