A startup revealed a stunning $180,000 electric SUV with supercar doors, an extendable screen, and cameras instead of mirrors — take a look inside

Aehra, an Italian EV startup, says its luxurious first car should go on sale by 2025. Would you buy one or pass?

A startup revealed a stunning $180,000 electric SUV with supercar doors, an extendable screen, and cameras instead of mirrors — take a look inside

Aehra is a new electric-car startup based in Milan, Italy.

It recently unveiled its first model, a stunning SUV brimming with unique features.

It will cost $160,000 - $180,000 and will offer around 500 miles of range, the company claims.

You ever look around at all the cars on sale today and think to yourself: "These cars are fine, but the doors ... they're all so boring."

Then Italian electric-car startup Aehra has the SUV for you.

Aehra unveiled the impossibly sleek and streamlined vehicle in November and plans to start selling it in globally 2025.

The ultra-premium ride will cost a pretty penny: between $160,000 and $180,000, the company says.

Its slim headlights and taillights give it a clean, futuristic look.

Plus, it has cool little cameras poking out from its sides in place of regular side mirrors.

Aehra says the SUV's aerodynamic design and its futuristic interior (more on that in a moment) are inspired by the aerospace industry.

Aehra targets a driving range of at least 800 kilometers, or 498 miles.

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That's more than any Tesla and would place it near the very top of the EV market.

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A long wheelbase means the Aehra SUV will offer up tons of interior space.

The company says it'll fit four NBA players without issue.

The car promises a dazzling array of screens, including two serving as virtual side-view mirrors and one stretching across the entire dashboard.

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When the car is in park, the screen will be able to extend out of the dashboard.

That way, owners will be able to watch a movie and have videoconferencing meetings, Aehra claims.

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The rectangular steering yoke pays homage to race cars and airplanes, Aehra says. It has a small screen embedded in it.

Aehra makes a lot of bold promises about its future vehicle. And it plans to unveil a sedan, also going into production in 2025, next year.

But starting an EV company from scratch is incredibly difficult. And the competition is only getting fiercer. We'll have to wait and see if Aehra's big plans pan out.

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