Bitumen Emulsifiers Market Size Worth $184.4 Million by 2031

Construction of new roads in developing countries and rise in popularity of cold mix asphalts drive the growth of the global bitumen emulsifiers market. By surface charge, the cationic segment…

Bitumen Emulsifiers Market Size Worth $184.4 Million by 2031

The global bitumen-emulsifiers market is growing due to the construction of roads in developing countries, and the rise in popularity for cold mix asphalts. The cationic segment held the largest share of the market in 2021, according to surface charge. Asia-Pacific will be the most lucrative region during the forecast period.

Portland, OR -- December 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). The global bitumen emulsifiers industry was valued at $128.4m in 2021. It is projected to reach $184.4m by 2031. This represents a 3.6% compound annual growth rate from 2022-2031. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the market's top investment pockets, winning strategies, drivers and opportunities, market size, estimations, competitive landscape and emerging market trends. This market study provides valuable information to investors, shareholders, frontrunners, and new entrants in creating strategies for the future.

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Report Coverage & Details:

Forecast Period


Base Year


Market Size in 2021

$128.4 Million

Market Size in 2031

$184.4 Million





Segments covered

Surface Charge, Setting Times, Application, and Regional.


Construction of roads in developing nations

Cold mix asphalts are gaining popularity


Manufacturing process extensive

It requires expensive raw materials


Expanding new infrastructure projects

Covid-19 Scenario-

The global bitumen industry was affected by a shortage of skilled and unskilled laborers, as well as volatility in raw materials prices.

The market was able to rebound due to the massive efforts of the government authorities to repair and construct roads by 2021.

The global market for bitumen-emulsifiers is analysed by setting time, surface charge, application, region, and geography. With the aid of tabular representations and graphics, the report provides an in-depth analysis of each segment and sub-segments. Market players and investors can use the report's breakdown to devise strategies based on the fastest-growing and highest-generating segments.

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The cationic segment, which was almost three-fifths of global bitumen market revenue in 2021 by surface charge, is expected to be the dominant segment by 2031. This segment will also experience the fastest CAGR at 3.9% over the forecast period. Through the study, both anionic and unionic segments will be assessed.

The rapid setting segment held more that half of the global bitumen-emulsifiers market in 2021. It is expected to be the dominant segment by 2031. This same segment will also have the fastest CAGR at 4.0% over the forecast period. The report also analyzes the medium-setting and slow-setting segments of emulsions.

The binder market represented more than three-fourths (or more) of the global bitumen Emulsifiers market share in 2021. It is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period. This same segment will also experience the fastest CAGR at 3.8% over the forecast period. This study also assesses the roofing segment.

The market in Asia-Pacific accounted for more than two-thirds (or three-quarters) of the global market share for bitumen emulsifiers in 2021. It is expected to continue holding the lion's-share by 2031. This same region will also experience the fastest CAGR at 4.3% over the forecast period. Other provinces that were analyzed in the report included Europe, LAMEA and North America.

British Petroleum, Chevron Texaco Corporation and China Petrochemical Corporation were the key market participants analyzed in the global market report on bitumen emulsifiers.

To highlight their industry expertise, these market leaders have adopted a variety of strategies, including expansion, collaboration and joint ventures. This report helps to determine the performance of the top players and their developments.

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