DeSantis ‘welcomes Disney's surrender' on key lawsuit claims, his lawyers say

A bill filed by Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini would ban theme parks like Disney from requiring face coverings.

DeSantis ‘welcomes Disney's surrender' on key lawsuit claims, his lawyers say

Attorneys for Ron DeSantis stated Wednesday that the Florida Governor "welcomes Disney’s surrender" in regards to key allegations made by the company against the governor. The lawsuit was filed after the governor was accused of political revenge.

The filing is the latest insult in a long-running dispute between DeSantis, Disney and critics over a conflict sparked by 'Don't Say Gay' legislation.

Disney's fiscal third quarter earnings were mixed when the court document was delivered.

Attorneys for Ron DeSantis stated Wednesday that the Florida Governor "welcomes" all of his supporters.


"s surrender" to key allegations made in the lawsuit filed by the company accusing the Governor of political revenge.

Disney accused DeSantis that he was working to pass legislation aimed at the entertainment giant in order to "punish" it for its opposition to a controversial bill in the classroom dubbed by critics "Don't Say Gay".

In a recent court filing, attorneys for DeSantis argued that the alleged acts of the governor were "legislative" in nature and thus protected by "absolute immunity legislative."

Disney announced the court documents shortly after they were filed.

Mixed Earnings

For the fiscal third quarter. CNBC's requests for comment from a Disney spokesperson were not immediately answered.

In a document filed last month, the state's lawyers claimed that Disney had effectively admitted that much of its original complaint was little more than a "glorified press release." Disney, according to DeSantis' attorneys, "now claims it is only challenging the Governor's Executive actions" and not his legislative actions.

They wrote that "the Governor welcomes Disney’s surrender of all its claims against his legislative acts" and added that Disney lacked standing to sue DeSantis for its remaining claims.

The filing made Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Tallahassee, is the latest in a long-running feud that has raged between Florida Governor Rick Scott and one of Florida's largest employers.

Disney had filed a motion two weeks prior urging the court to grant Disney's request.

reject bids

DeSantis, and other defendants

to dismiss

The federal civil case

Disney stated that DeSantis' claim of immunity is "incorrect" in this filing.

Disney wrote: "Legislative immunity does not shield him from a lawsuit because this suit is seeking to prevent the Governor from carrying out executive acts."

Disney is seeking a court order that would restore the status quo before DeSantis's allies attacked the special tax districts that have allowed Orlando's Walt Disney World self-govern their operations for decades. DeSantis replaced the board of supervisors in the district with his chosen candidates, who voted against the development contracts Disney had created shortly before taking over. Disney was accused by some of securing the contracts in order to undermine the power of the new board. However, the company claims that it was simply securing their long-term plans for the area.

Disney expanded its lawsuit after DeSantis' signing in May

Additional legislation

To cancel the development agreements.

In Disney's suit, the board members have also been named as defendants. In a separate filing filed Wednesday afternoon, the board members argued the federal court either should abstain from the case or dismiss it completely.

DeSantis, a prominent Republican presidential candidate, is known for his political battles on hot-button issues. He has been adamant about his battle with Disney, even though his poll numbers are trending down against the leading GOP candidate, the former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis spoke earlier Wednesday

Monique Worrell is the state attorney of Florida's Ninth Judicial Circuit. She has been accused of not prosecuting criminals within her jurisdiction.