Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Best Sparkling Wine Clubs

Make every day a celebration for your bestie by giving a membership to a sparkling wine club. A gift card for membership in one of these is a great last-minute gift— way more thoughtful than a fistful…

Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Best Sparkling Wine Clubs

It's especially nice to have a bottle of bubbles on hand, whether just to brighten a hard day or for last-minute surprise celebrations. So make every day a celebration for your bestie by giving a membership to a sparkling wine club. I've gathered five favorites — from single-serve selections to U.S.-made sparkling legends — and of course, true Champagne. A gift card for membership in one of these is a great last-minute gift— way more thoughtful than a fistful of cash. Fatcork

Even the packaging for fatcork is a party. Brooke_Fitts When most people think of Champagne, they think of the big houses – your Veuve Clicquots and Krugs – but the heart of the region, and often the real value, comes from so-called grower Champagne – small producers that grow their own grapes and make their own wines from them. These can be hard to find, but fatcork, a grower Champagne specialist in Seattle that ships to most states, makes it easy. Their Champagne club starts at $264 per allocation, with gift memberships available in one-year and two-year durations, in four shipments a year. Allocation months are March, May, September and November (months with the best weather for shipping bubbles). But team fatcork surely has some ideas for how to let your recipient know something is on the way in the dark days of March. What I especially love about fatcork — aside from the thoughtful selection of sparklers of course— is that their wines come with a handy descriptive card for each selection, with tongue-in-cheek celebration suggestions alongside information about the growers and the wines. It's like a little extra gift every time you open a shipment. Lenz Winery

A hidden gem on the North Fork, this sparkler is worth seeking out.Lenz Somehow, despite being a couple hours' drive from the most populous city in the United States, Long Island wine country continues to fly under the radar. Lenz has been making sparkling wine since 1989, using the traditional methode Champenoise. Their wine club starts at a $400 annual commitment, and allows for complete customization –so you can choose only sparkling wines, or toss in a couple of their luscious merlots (which I highly recommend). Currently, they have three different labels of sparkling on offer: 2016 Cuvee, 2010 Cuvee RD (Magnum), and a 2022 Firefly Pet Nat Rose Sparkling, which will arrive in time for Valentine's Day 2023.

Iron Horse Vineyards

Seeking something with Presidential clout? Iron Horse sparkling wines have been favored by the White House for six consecutive presidential administrations, beginning with the historic Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meetings ending the Cold War. Vineyard founders Audrey and Barry Sterling set down roots in their Sonoma vineyard back in the 1970s—when even the UC Davis Agricultural Extension Agents advised against investing in the area, since it was too prone to frost. Now three generations live on and farm the land, with a commitment to sustainability. And of course making beautiful bubbles—with 20 distinctive cuvees there's literally something for everyone. Their various wine clubs include a special two-bottle sparkling only club ($110 a month).

Let your recipient's palate be their guide at Stompy.Stompy Stompy

I am in love with this club – while many places promise access to small producers and a selection that is tailored to what you like, this one actually delivers. Somehow their two-minute survey found wines that I actually do like (I'm pretty picky) from their selection, all of which is selected and tasted by a team of experts. Co-founder and Master of Wine Stephen Wong and his team focus on small production wines that are thoughtfully produced and show tons of terroir. Give a gift card to your favorite person to let them set up their own profile – they can pick all sparkling or mix it up. Tiny bubbles in tiny bottles — perfect for treating yourself. The Sip

The Sip

This club is on top of the single-serve trend, shipping small bottles of a wide selection of bubbles, from Prosecco to Champagne, every other month. This Black-woman-owned business aims to make bubbles accessible to all, with a straightforward tasting guide in each shipment. The fun packaging is a bonus – it really does feel like a bimonthly present, with a little extra tchotchke tossed in each time. They even have a monthly Thirsty Thursday Facebook event, allowing members to interact with the founders and fellow sparkling wine lovers while learning more about bubbles. The Sip also sells one time gift boxes, and full-size bottles of the wines in each kit, at a discount for members. Order one at a time for $59.95/box, or get an annual subscription for $329.70.