NetEase launches gaming studio in Seattle, Barcelona

Anchor Point Studios is a video game developer that creates action-adventure games for consoles and PCs.

NetEase launches gaming studio in Seattle, Barcelona

NetEase Inc., a Chinese gaming company (Nasdaq : NTES), is launching Anchor Point Studios. The studio will have its headquarters in Seattle and Barcelona.

Anchor Point, a NetEase studio, announced its new studio on Wednesday. Developers, artists, and designers are among the roles.

In a press release, Paul Ehreth said, "We are building an adventure that is fresh and unique, and will delight and surprise people every time they play." We're grateful for NetEase Games giving us the freedom to create and resources to create this interconnected universe that will extend beyond games to other mediums.

Anchor Point's website lists open positions in art, animation and artificial intelligence. Anchor Point, according to a press release, is developing action-adventure video games for consoles and computers, with the goal of "bringing elements of surprise to the gameplay."

According to NetEase's website, Ehreth is a professional with over 20 years experience. He has worked on titles like Halo and Control. On his LinkedIn page, he lists some of his previous roles including director at Smilegate Barcelona game studio and leadership at Remedy Entertainment.

Anchor Point will be housed by NetEase Games. NetEase was founded in 1997. NetEast Games titles include Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. NetEase owns subsidiaries Youdao (an intelligent learning company) and Cloud Music (an online music community).

In a press release, Simon Zhu said: "When we first met Paul, it was clear that he was passionate about creating truly magical worlds with surprises and experiences that offer something new each time the game is played." We know Anchor Point Studios is aiming for the stars, and we will do everything to help them achieve their goals.