New Wave Of Gaza-Israel Rocket Fire After Death Of Palestinian Hunger Striker

A terrorist group in Gaza fired 22 rockets into southern Israel, in an initial barrage.

After the news broke of Khader Adnan Mohammed Musa's death, the rockets continued to fly between Israel and Gaza. He was a Palestinian prisoner of 45 years who led the Islamic Jihad. Air raid sirens were activated in southern Israel by projectiles fired from Gaza. Anti-air defence systems intercepted four of the projectiles. Israel responded with tank fire and more strikes are likely to follow. Video shows an impact of a rocket in Sderot

Stones are hurled at Israeli soldiers. Israeli forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas at crowds gathered near the northern entrance of the West Bank City of Ramallah. Palestinian militants fired rockets from Gaza early Tuesday morning, which landed on empty fields in Israel. Video footage of rockets fired from Gaza Strip at southern Israel

Israel defends the controversial practice that raids West Bank homes, and then holds people without trial in order to eliminate dangerous militants who are a threat to Israeli Security.