NYT Crossword Answers for July 18, 2023

Karen and Paul Steinberg wrestle with legends.

NYT Crossword Answers for July 18, 2023

Solving Tip

Tuesday Puzzle -- There are many proverbs in different languages that say that you cannot have both things at the same time. In English, it's impossible to have both cake and eat. In Russian, one cannot sit on two chairs. And in German, two weddings are not possible.

Karen and Paul Steinberg who created today's puzzle might want to speak with the writers of these proverbs, because they have proven the exact opposite. You might think that there is only one theme with the Steinbergs, but you'll soon discover that there are other options. It's positively delightful.

Let's dance at some weddings.

Today's Theme

You might have guessed the revealer for today at 36-Across. It reads, 'Kinda wrestling... or a hint on four pairs of cross-answers in this puzzle.

At four points, the cross-references in this grid are not only identical, but they also appear to be paired: both 1D and the 18A are, for instance, a 'Trident wielding sea god'. When you solve the answers, though, you'll find that they are different: 1D is POSEIDON, while 18A represents NEPTUNE.

It becomes clear: the crossings are Greek and Roman Gods. GRECO-ROMAN Wrestling is the clue. Just to be honest, I didn't know that Greco-Roman wrestle was a modern sports. I first thought it was a euphemism and imagined that scene in 'The Birdcage,' where the Greek bowls are used. Now I know!)