Orama Estates LLC on Swiss real estate price tendencies

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and real estate prices is the one of the best proof-points, starting at a quarter of a million euro per unit.

The pandemic has had little to no effect on the cost of apartments and houses in Switzerland - they are constantly and steadily going up, increasing by 1-3% annually on average. Apartment prices in Switzerland have increased by almost 60% over the past 15 years!

The cost per square meter heavily depends on the region and city districts. For example, an apartment in the historic center will cost significantly more than in the neighboring area. Such difference is substantiated by top quality maintenance of the city communications and infrastructure including old buildings which are taken care of on a seasonal basis. A three hundred years old building will provide same QoL as its modern counterpart. If we bring mountain resorts to the table, the prices per square meter skyrocket 5 times and more compared to prices in the neighboring village.

The cheapest apartments in Switzerland can be found in small ecological resorts in the country. Switzerland holds the title of The cleanest country in the World having the best ecology stats and implementing most advance eco-tech to preserve its nature. A small apartment with 1-2 bedrooms will cost 240-280 thousand euros. On average, one square meter in the countryside costs from 4 to 10 thousand euros.

The most expensive city in this regard is Geneva. One square meter goes for about 14 thousand euros. Little less yet still impressive prices can be found in Zurich and a hand full of famous Swiss resorts (St. Moritz, Zermatt) - 10-11 thousand. These prices are the highest of all European countries (even London will cost you way less). A single square meter of luxury housing in Switzerland can go as high as 25-45 thousand euros!

As for the target audience, rich people, celebrities and alike highly value Switzerland, since the average cost of a single unit can easily hit a million euro mark and more. Not a hefty price for world's best banking, ecology and serenity of Alps.

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