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Electric ‘seagliders' that skim over water could make ferries a thing of the past

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Seagliders: The Future of Coastal Travel #

Boston-based startup REGENT has unveiled a new electric boat-plane hybrid called a seaglider, which could revolutionize coastal travel. The seaglider operates in three phases: floating, foiling, and flying. It floats on the water’s surface, then glides on hydrofoils as it gains speed, finally taking off and flying up to 30 feet above the water. With a range of about 180 miles and the ability to carry up to 12 passengers, seagliders could compete with ferries and seaplanes. Over 600 seagliders have already been sold, and plans are underway to manufacture them in North America and the United Arab Emirates. The seagliders will offer improved connectivity for coastal communities, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai.