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Jason Kelce shows us what an involved father can do for their children

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Jason Kelce’s Retirement Speech Highlights the Importance of Involved Fathers #

At 6'3’ and 295 pounds, former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce often towers over other people. As he announced his retirement, his tears started to flow. Throughout his 40-minute speech, he hid his face behind a giant’s hands as he thanked his coaches and his band teacher for teaching him what he needed to learn to become a great football player and an even greater human being.

All those accolades began with involved parents. The story of Jason’s father’s influence is a quiet one. The story lacks the drama of an absent dad or a father who refuses to pay child support. There is no buffoon who can’t seem to complete the simplest of tasks.

Jason’s story is about a normal father who loves his children. He went about his job while encouraging his sons to do their best. And when their best fell short, his dad was there with a hug.

Through his tears, Jason shared how his father helped him through moments of self-doubt. He credits his father’s unwavering belief for his success. Jason and his dad have shown the importance of a father in our kids’ lives and that the decisions we make have far-reaching consequences that none of us can imagine.

Watching real-life dads like Jason Kelce and even more so, Ed, is so important. Children with involved fathers do better in school, have higher self-esteem, and show empathy. They are more likely to ‘walk the straight and narrow.’ These are the stories of common fathers who encourage their sons to become uncommon.