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Troops and armored vehicles disperse as Bolivia arrests leader of coup attempt

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In a rapid sequence of events, video footage showed armored vehicles and troops led by the army chief appearing to encircle the government seat of the President. The President referred to the situation as an attempted coup d’etat. Later, the government confirmed the arrest of the army chief and a former navy Vice Admiral. The armed soldiers who stormed the national palace were attempting a coup against the government. The President called for the people to mobilize against the coup and in support of democracy. The presence of tanks and troops in the central square of the seat of government was reported, leading to concerns about the rupture of constitutional order. The President appointed new army, navy, and air commanders who instructed the armed forces to stand down. The army chief was detained and labeled a traitor. The coup attempt is the latest blow to a country facing an economic crisis. The international community condemned the apparent coup attempt, showing solidarity with the Bolivian government and people. The President expressed determination to defend democracy and the will of the Bolivian people.