Redefining the Core 2023: Broadway/Oak Park construction projects

The Broadway/Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento is seeing a resurgence in development with new projects in various stages.

Redefining the Core 2023: Broadway/Oak Park construction projects

This article provides an overview of the various development stages of projects in Sacramento’s Broadway/Oak Park area. This article is part of Redefining the core coverage which highlights projects that are in the works, completed or proposed in the central city. Although projects in the works or proposed seem likely, not all will reach the completion stage.

The Mill Market

Developer: CSI Construction Co.

Description: Reuse of a 19000 square foot industrial building to create a mixed use project. The new project, formerly known as the Market Club will feature 9,000 square foot of commercial space in the center. The eastern end of the building will have eight studio lofts, while the western end will feature a three-story new building with thirteen studio and one bedroom apartments.

Location: 2630 Fifth St.

Construction costs: $5 million. CSI purchased the 19,000-square foot building in November 2020 at $1.9 million.

Construction began in February 2022, and should be finished in the summer of 2023. PanIQ Escape Room signed a lease for 3,200 sq. ft. in summer 2022, as well as a neighborhood store that will occupy 2,700 sq. ft. Additional 2,800 square foot is still available.

Aggie Square Phase 1

Wexford Science and Technology LLC as Developer for Phase 1.

Description: Phase 1 will eventually be a 25 acre innovation district at the UC Davis Sacramento Campus, which is home to the UC Davis Medical Center located on Stockton Boulevard. The first phase will cover 1.1 million square foot in five buildings spread over 8.5 acres. The buildings are designed around a central public plaza and will include science labs, classrooms as well as community spaces, residential areas, and residential space. A parking structure will also be built.

Location: Phase 1 will be located along Stockton Boulevard south of Second Avenue

Cost: About $1.1 billion for phase 1

Status: Construction has begun and is expected to be finished in the first quarter 2025.

UC Davis Medical Center Tower/Pavilion

Developer: UC Davis Health

Description: Construction of an adjacent five-story pavilion and a 14-story tower hospital. The project is expected to cover almost 1 million square foot with 332 private patient beds, twelve operating rooms and additional patient services. The project will feature rooftop gardens on the pavilion, and an open-air walkway through the tower that leads to the cancer center. The medical center will be roughly doubled in size, resulting in 703 beds.

Location: 2315 Stockton Boulevard

Cost: $3.7 Billion

Status: Site preparation and preconstruction work are underway. Construction of the vertical tower is scheduled to begin in 2024, and will be completed by 2030.

48X Complex

Developer: UC Davis Health

Description: Construction of an ambulatory surgery facility with a total area of 262,000 square feet on four floors. The center will include 12 major operating suites, five minor procedure rooms, 60 recovery bays, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, pharmacy service, and seven specialty clinics.

Location: The entire block between 48th and 49th streets, X, Y,

UC Davis Health uses $300 million of bond funding. The remainder comes from hospital reserves.

Status: The project will begin taking patients mid-2025.

4995 Stockton Boulevard

Developer: Mercy Housing California

Description: Construction 200 affordable housing units in 21 buildings ranging from triplexes up to a central four-story building. Amenities include a communal space with a playground, open space, and a kitchen.

Location: 4995 Stockton Blvd., near Aggie Square

Cost: Construction costs are approximately $83 million. Sacramento City Council committed $15 million to the project in May 2021. Tax credits were awarded in December 2021.

Status: Construction began in June 2022. Occupancy is expected to start by January 2024.

Developer: Related Cos. Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency is the owner of the land and provides gap financing.

Description: Construction of 43 affordable senior apartments in a three-story building. Rents would be set at 60% of the median income in the area. Amenities include a communal room, laundry facilities and a courtyard patio.

Location: 3023-3025-3031 39th St.; 3900 and 3908 Bdw.

Cost: Around $21 million Related will purchase the land for approximately $65,000. Related will also receive $630,000 for soil remediation, $500,000 for the pre-development phase, and $7.12million in construction loans from SHRA.

Status: Construction started in April 2023, and will be finished in 2025.


Developer: Indie Capital LLC; Order Inc. is contractor

Description: Construction of seventeen duplex buildings in a 25902-square-foot plot. Each building will have a studio apartment on the first floor and a two-story home with a rooftop patio. A central courtyard will also be included.

Location: 825 Broadway at the corner of Broadway and Ninth Street

Cost: $8 Million for construction costs

Status: Construction has begun and is scheduled to be completed in August 2023.

Relocating the Kitchen

Developer: Selland Family Restaurants

Description: Redevelopment of an old office to accommodate The Kitchen, now located in Arden Arcade. The 4,000 square foot space will be enlarged to include new restrooms and a shipping box will be installed behind the building as storage. The site also includes a Bikedog Brewing Company taproom and Selland's Market Cafe.

Location: 915 Broadway

Cost: Not determined

Status: Construction began in January 2023, and is expected to be completed by July 2023. The new site will be open to business by August 2023.


Maven V Apartments

Developer: 29th Street Capital

Description: Construction of 252 apartments at market rate in eight garden apartment buildings with varying sizes. The 6.76-acre property would feature a one-story building that includes an outdoor pool, sundeck and amenity space. A previous proposal included 308 apartments at market rate in 10 buildings of three stories totaling 250,000 sq. feet.

Location: 2629 Fifth St. - former Pacific Standard Print site

Cost: Estimated to be $55 million. 29th Street Capital purchased the property in late 2019 for $7.775 Million.

Status: Site work permits have been withdrawn since November 2022. Construction may begin as early as the summer of 2023 depending on the weather and whether or not construction loans have been secured.

Stockton Gateway

Developer: CTI Housing

Description: Construction of 230 apartments in two 5-story buildings. The plan includes 92 units for low-income people, 69 units for workers or moderate-income people and 69 units at market rate. The ground floor would also include 3,300 square foot of retail space. The amenities would include a parking lot, a business center, and a gym.

Location: 4722 Ninth Ave.

The city approved a 15 million dollar loan over 10 years in October 2022.

Status: Reviews have begun. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023, and will be completed by 2025.

Developer: EAH Housing

Description: Construction of a two-story building with 140 affordable housing units and 3,500 sq. ft. of retail space on the ground floor. Amenities include bicycle storage, playgrounds and picnic areas. A dog park, landscaped courtyards, and a dog run would also be included.

Location: 1901 Broadway

Cost: Around $70 million EAH purchased the 1.25-acre site for $5.6M in 2020.

Status: The City of Sacramento has approved the project since August 2020. The project was awarded a grant of $29 million by the California Strategic Growth Council in January 2022. The construction timetable is unknown.

Developer: Leeland Properties

Description: Reuse and expansion of an old Coca-Cola Co. bottler into a 150-room extended-stay hotel. The former Coca-Cola plant was built in 1936. A renovated section of this building, with two stories, would be connected to a new five-story structure. The former plant will house the hotel’s meeting rooms as well as its bar, restaurant, and fitness center. Marriott International Inc.'s portfolio includes Element Hotels.

Location: 2200 Stockton Boulevard

Cost not disclosed

Status: The city approved the initial plans in April 2019. A revised proposal was then submitted in October 2020. Construction is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2023. Building permits are currently being reviewed. The hotel will be finished in the third quarter of 2024.

Developer: Penryn Partners 21 LLC

Description: Construction on a 2,26-acre industrial property just east of The Mill at Broadway of 82 townhomes. Each townhome will be three stories high with two or three bedrooms, a garage for two cars, a private patio, and a balcony. The proposal calls for the demolition of existing buildings on site, which are currently used for agricultural and food processing.

Location: 2601 Fifth St.

Cost: Not determined.

Status: A request was submitted to the city in December 2020. Reviewing is underway.

1600 Broadway

Developer: Jon Gianulias

Description: Construction on the former Tower Records site of a five story building that will have 68 apartments at market rate and 7,947 sq. ft. of commercial space in the ground floor. The building would also include 45 parking spots and outdoor balconies. A previous proposal included 53 apartments at market rate and 14,000 square foot of commercial space.

Location: 1600 Broadway at the southeast corner Broadway and 16th

Cost: $15 to $20 million

Status: The project has been approved and permits are in process. Construction will begin in the summer of 2023, and should take approximately 20 months to finish.

The Fitzgerald

Developer: Trondheim Properties

Description: Construction of five-story apartment building above retail on the ground floor. The demolition of a building on the site.

Location: 1827 Boulevard

Cost not disclosed

Status: Developer received entitlements, and is expecting to begin construction in early summer 2023. The project would be completed in about 18 months.


Developer: N8 Community Inc.

Description: Construction of three-story building, plus mezzanine, with 49 apartment units and 938 square foot of retail space. The U-shaped project would include a central courtyard with communal roof decks and private balconies, as well as a garage that could accommodate 21 parking spaces.

Location: 401 First Ave.

401 1st Ave LLC purchased the property for $775,000.

Status: Reviews have begun. Construction is expected to begin in 2024. It will take approximately one year to complete.


Developer: Indie Capital LLC; Order Inc. is contractor

Description: Construction of three-story building containing 10 apartments, and approximately 1,000 square feet for retail on the ground floor. Phase II of the Project consists of eight detached three-story single family homes with accessory dwelling units attached to the south along Burnett Way. The project is located on both Broadway and Burnett.

Location: 2010 Broadway, 2015/2017 Burnett Way

Cost: $5.5 Million for construction costs. Indie Capital acquired the vacant site for $665,000.

Status: The project is approved. It will begin in the summer of 2023, and finish in winter 2024.

3/36 Mixed Use

Developer: Bhandal Construction Inc.

Description: Construction of an eight-story mixed-use structure with 12 apartments, and approximately 1,689 square foot of commercial space

Location: 3560 Third Ave.

Cost not disclosed

Status: Construction documents in review and near completion. Construction is scheduled to begin in June or July of 2023, and will be completed in nine to ten months.

Oak Park Place

Oleg Artishuk of Artishuk Development & Holdings

Description: Construction of an eight-storey mixed-use building consisting of 21 apartments on the first floor and 1,847 sq. ft. of retail space.

Location: 3204-3206 Broadway

Cost: Around $4.15million Artishuk purchased the property in spring 2021 for $595,000.

Status: The project is currently in the permit stage.

2701 Broadway

Owner: 27th St. LLC. Developer

Description: Construction of 31 apartments in a four-story apartment building. Amenities include private decks and common decks as well as bike storage, parking, and bicycle storage. An earlier plan called for a five-story building above 2,000 square foot of commercial space.

Location: 2701 Broadway

Cost: not disclosed. Owner purchased the property for $500,000.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2023. Status: The project has been approved. Once the project is started, it should take between 12 and 18 months to finish.

California Northstate University Broadway Project

Developer: California Northstate University

Description: Renovation of 3 buildings for the University's College of Dental Medicine which will be moving from Elk Grove. The three buildings totaling 120,000 square foot would house clinical and academic facilities as well as 160 dental chairs.

Location: 2414 23rd St.

Cost: not disclosed. California Northstate purchased the three-building complex of offices in October 2022 at a cost of $12.75 Million.

Status: The University is reviewing the final plans for interior reconstruction. Tenant improvements for the first phase, which involves installing 40-80 dental chairs, are scheduled to begin in June 2023. They will be completed by December 2023.

1700 Broadway

Developer: Wong Family Benevolent Association

Description: Construction of a 3-story rear building, and renovation of a 2-story front building. The two buildings will be connected and house nine residential units as well as ground-floor retail space and office space.

Location: 1700 Broadway on the southeast corner 17th Street and Broadway

Cost: Not determined

Status: The project is approved. Permits expire in June 2022. They were extended for 180 days on December 7, 2022.

Broadway Complete Streets

Developer: City Of Sacramento

Description: This project would transform a part of Broadway into a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly street by reducing traffic. The project would involve removing a traffic lane in each direction, adding center lanes for left turns, adding bicycle lanes in both directions, and improving pedestrian crossings. The project will also add a new road segment between X Street & Broadway, which is to be named 29th Street. The project would also convert one block of 16th Street between X Street & Broadway from a one-way street to a two-way street.

Location: Broadway between Third Street and the new 29th Street.

Cost: Around $11 million for construction of the first phase (third to 19th streets; 21st to 24-th streets; 16th Street and 29th Street). The second construction package will cost approximately $7 million (19th to 21st Streets, 24th to29th Streets).

Status: Construction will start in the summer of 2023. It is estimated to take a year. There is no timetable for the second phase.

The Mill at Broadway

Developer: Bardis Homes

Construction of residential project consisting of more than 450 condominiums and homes. The project includes a 11,000-square foot community center and a 3.4-acre public park.

Location: South of Broadway, between Third and Fifth Streets

Cost: $250 million at build-out

Status: The first 3 phases of the project consisting of 472 condos are completed and occupied. Central Lofts Condos is the final phase of development. It consists of four buildings, each with six condominiums. The Central Lofts condos were completed in 2022, and they are now fully occupied. The Mill's for-sale section is now complete. Other companies and organizations have been working on retail, apartment, and amenity projects.

Maven on Broadway

Developer: 29th Street Capital

Description: Construction of 408 market-rate apartment buildings across 13 structures in the northwestern corner at the Mill on Broadway. The south end has barbecue pits, bike storage and a multipurpose facility with a fitness center and business center. Residents can also enjoy amenities such as a bike trail and a park at The Mill.

Location: 230 BROADWAY

Cost: $100 Million

Status: Construction has been completed and leasing is in progress.

UC Davis Rehabilitation Hospital

Developer: UC Davis Health Kindred Healthcare LLC

Description: Construction of an 58,000 square-foot rehabilitation center with 52 beds. The facility will offer inpatient care to patients recovering from brain trauma, spinal cord injury and stroke.

Location: 4875 Broadway adjacent to the planned Aggie square site

Cost: $60 Million

Status: Construction began in July 2021. Construction has been completed and the facility will be open to patients by April 2023.

Developer: UC Davis Health

Description: Construction of four-story building with 64,600 square feet next to ambulatory care centre, and a remodel of 18,500 square feet of care center. The eye institute includes 64 exam rooms and 24 imaging rooms. It also has a surgical floor, research facilities, and a surgical area.

Location: 4860, Y St.

Cost: $90.5 Million

Status: Completed, and ready to open in December 2022

Mixed Use 12th and 33rd

Developer: Bhandal Construction

Description: Construction of three-story apartment building. The first floor contains one apartment as well as commercial space. Each of the second and third floor have two apartments. Bhandal built a one-family home on an alley opposite the project site.

Location: 3301 12th Ave.

Cost not disclosed