Rumble Boxing fitness franchise opens on Union Avenue

A new boxing-themed fitness studio, Rumble Boxing, is opening in Memphis, TN. The studio is owned by Ann Lee and will offer boxing and fitness classes.

Rumble Boxing fitness franchise opens on Union Avenue

Recently, a group fitness concept that combines boxing with resistance training opened in Midtown.

Rumble Boxing is a boutique fitness concept that offers a variety of circuits in the boxing style. It opened on April 17 at 1835 Union Ave. The Citizen apartments, which is located at 1835 Union Ave., has a space of approximately 3,200 square feet.

Rumble Boxing, a New York-based boxing gym, was founded in 2017. Rumble was purchased by Xponential, a global fitness franchise group that includes Pure Barre Cyclebar and Club Pilates, in 2021. Rumble Boxing is a franchise with more than 40 locations in New York City and other major cities like Atlanta, Chicago and Chicago.

New opportunities to seize

Ann Lee, the franchise owner for Rumble Boxing Memphis. She stated that locals have embraced the concept.

Lee notes that Rumble Boxing has more than 1,000 Instagram fans. She believes that Rumble Boxing appeals to people of all wellness levels.

She said, 'We have music playing throughout the entire workout and it is completely dark here. It creates a focused environment. They can choose to go as fast or as slow as they like. It appeals to people of all fitness levels.

Lee's career was already a success before he started the local Rumble boxing.

Lee has been an attorney for 35 years. She was an attorney at AutoZone and then became director of marketing in 2000 after obtaining her MBA. She worked for FedEx for 10 years as a senior marketer.

Lee, who had worked for large corporations for almost 30 years wanted to change career paths and become a small business owner.

A franchise consultant urged her to go in this direction. She was given a number of franchise opportunities, but decided to open Rumble Boxing. Her ex-husband introduced her to boxing.

Lee stated, "[The franchise consultant] asked me to do oil changes and home renovations, but that was not something I wanted to. I never wanted to do something other than fitness. I've been an athlete my whole life. "When I heard that a new brand or franchise in boxing was available, I was absolutely ecstatic.

Local franchise growth

Lee plans to open at least two additional locations in Memphis, depending on the success of the Midtown location. She has not yet identified the future locations. She has noted that areas such as East Memphis and Collierville, are on her radar for expansion.

Her Rumble boxing location is currently comprised of six instructors and several sales representatives. In January, Lee hired Katie Veach to be the general manager. Veach is a group fitness instructor who has also worked as the director of Salvation Army Kroc Center for 10 years.

She said, "We want to create an inclusive, positive and enjoyable work environment with lots of opportunities for personal growth, as I expand my company."

Lee's short-term goal is to boost Rumble Boxing.

She said, 'My goal for the year is to reach 300 members. If we can achieve that, we will be well on our way to success.