These 20 jobs are most likely to survive a possible recession in 2023

Mass layoffs, primarily in tech, have stoked fears of a recession. These roles would have the most job security in a downturn, according to Payscale.

These 20 jobs are most likely to survive a possible recession in 2023

Mass layoffs have hit tech, and they've stoked fears of a broader recession.

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However, some jobs look better-positioned to make it through a possible downtown, and a new report from Payscale reveals just which ones.

The salary comparison site identified the top 20 recession-proof jobs based on wage growth in 2022 compared to previous years. They've seen pay hikes of anywhere from 14% to 30% this year, according to employees' self-reported wages.

These roles, a mix of blue- and white-collar jobs, are considered recession-proof because labor shortages and increased competition are leading employers to drive up wages, Payscale says.

"Despite the possibility of an economic downturn, the labor market remains tight, forcing employers to pay top dollar to attract and retain talent for the most sought-after roles," said Lexi Clarke, VP of People at Payscale, in an accompanying press release.

Here are the jobs that would have the most job security in a recession, according to the report, along with their national median pay and salary growth:


Median Pay: $19,900

Salary Growth: 30%

Private Banker

Median Pay: $93,000

Salary Growth: 25%

Media Director

Median Pay: $108,000

Salary Growth: 23%

Police, Fire, or Ambulance DispatcherMedian Pay: $44,500

Salary Growth: 19%

Sales ConsultantMedian Pay: $56,800

Salary Growth: 18%

MicrobiologistMedian Pay: $59,900

Salary Growth: 16%

Marketing & Business Development Director

Median Pay: $119,000

Salary Growth: 16%

Dock WorkerMedian Pay: $41,100

Salary Growth: 15%

Electrocardiogram (EKG) TechnicianMedian Pay: $40,400

Salary Growth: 15%

Installation TechnicianMedian Pay: $46,800

Salary Growth: 15%

Assembly Line Machine OperatorMedian Pay: $37,200

Salary Growth: 15%

Bookkeeping, Accounting, or Auditing ClerkMedian Pay: $47,300

Salary Growth: 15%

Tanker Truck DriverMedian Pay: $58,100

Salary Growth: 15%

JournalistMedian Pay: $46,500

Salary Growth: 15%

Graphic Design ManagerMedian Pay: $69,700

Salary Growth: 14%

Pastry ChefMedian Pay: $43,400

Salary Growth: 14%

Diversity ManagerMedian Pay: $97,100

Salary Growth: 14%

Education CoordinatorMedian Pay: $51,800

Salary Growth: 14%

Director of Environmental ServicesMedian Pay: $73,800

Salary Growth: 14%

Estimator, Automobile DamageMedian Pay: $60,300

Salary Growth: 14%

Workers across industries are nervous. And for good reason.

Some predictions put the likelihood of the US entering a recession in the next 12 months at 100%, and mass layoffs are likely on the horizon.

Specifically, the list of technology companies conducting layoffs continues to grow — with startups and big businesses joining the likes of Snap Inc., Wayfair, Robinhood, Peloton, Shopify, Tesla, Netflix, and Coinbase in dismissing employees. And some companies, including Facebook, are conducting "quiet layoffs," putting swaths of employees on performance improvement plans — PIPs — with no intention of giving them an opportunity to improve, Insider previously reported.

Still, the number of job openings in the US increased in September to 10.7 million, and technology industry recruiters have told Insider there is minimal to zero slowdown in hiring.

Insider compiled a list of 15 tech-industry jobs paying over $200,000 that are available right now. Some of the positions listed below note that the salary range is for Colorado-based residents, which, as Insider previously reported, is the state with the most far-reaching laws around salary transparency. This law requires businesses to include the salary range in job postings. New York City has enacted similar pay transparency laws, and Connecticut, Nevada, and Rhode Island are in the process of implementing such regulations.

Job Title: Enterprise Sales Account Manager - Federal

Company: Adobe

Salary: $231,000 - $300,500 per year

Location: New York, NY

Software company Adobe is looking for an individual with five years of enterprise software sales experience and a bachelor's degree or MBA to create and maintain the sales strategy as it relates to Adobe Systems Federal.

Apply here

Job Title: Senior Backend Engineer

Company: TradeBlock

Salary: $175,000 - $225,000 per year

Location: Remote

TradeBlock, a digital assets trading platform, is looking for a backend engineer with five or more years of experience to help build and maintain the platform.

Apply here

Job Title: ASIC Technical Leader

Company: Cisco

Salary: $215,000 - $250,000 per year

Location: San Jose, California (Hybrid)

Digital communications and technology company Cisco is looking for an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) leader with hands-on experience who can understand and implement the top-level design and improve the product.

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Job Title: Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate

Company: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Salary: $203,701 - $261,400 per year

Location: Washington, DC (Hybrid)

This position is an executive-level role that would lead NASA's vision and strategy as it relates to the organization's mission of continuous discovery.

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Job Title: Corporate Strategy Expert, eCommerce & Transaction

Company: TikTok

Salary: Approx. $105,963 - $247,247 per year (150,000 - 350,000 Singapore dollars)

Location: California

TikTok is looking for someone with finance and consulting experience to identify areas of new growth for the business and to evaluate the company's current global e-commerce and transaction finances.

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Job Title: Strategic Account Executive - Gaming Vertical


Salary: $275,000 - $350,000 per year

Location: Remote, which helps companies observe and analyze software-code behavior, is looking for someone with seven or more years of direct sales experience who can sell its product, and identify and develop relationships with existing and new accounts.

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Job Title: Corporate Controller

Company: Red Canary

Salary: $195,000 - $220,000 per year

Location: Remote

The corporate controller will be in charge of the computer and networking security company Red Canary's accounting department and will be responsible for producing auditable financial statements.

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Job Title: Senior Staff Software Engineer, Infrastructure, Google Cloud Compute

Company: Google

Salary: $218,000 - $326,000 per year (determined by role, level, and location)

Location: Sunnyvale, California (Remote eligible)

Google is looking for someone to manage project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables on its Google Cloud team. The person will also be responsible for working on software solutions.

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Job Title: Director, Data Science & Engineering Manager

Company: Microsoft

Salary: $158,800 - $238,200 per year (Colorado-based residents)

Location: United States

Microsoft is looking for a leader on its Operations + Business Insights team to enable and deliver products and services to market across its portfolio, from cloud to desktop.

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Job Title: Distinguished Engineer

Company: Paylocity

Salary: $160,000 - $270,000 per year (Colorado-based residents)  — base pay offered may vary depending on job-related knowledge, skills, and experience

Location: Remote

Paylocity is a cloud-based software company creating HR solutions for small and mid-sized companies. It's looking for someone to be the "technical thought leader" for its Product Engineering team, and solve highly technical and complex problems from idea inception to product launch.

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Job Title: Director, Product Legal

Company: Pinterest

Salary: $186,700 - $280,100 per year (Colorado-based residents)

Location: Remote

Pinterest is looking for someone to give strategic advice and support its core product and engineering teams, as well as manage legal issues and risk during product and partnership development.

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Job Title: Research Fellow

Company: AZEK Building Products

Salary: $200,000 - $225,000 per year

Location: Wilmington, Ohio; Scranton, Pennsylvania; or Chicago, Illinois

AZEK Building Products is looking for a research fellow who will report directly to the senior vice president. The fellow will recommend and develop new products and processes and should have a minimum of 20 years of technical experience, or a Ph.D. and 15 years of relevant experience.

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Job Title: Product Design Director, Commerce

Company: Cash App

Salary: $245,100 - $299,500 per year

Location: San Francisco, California

Cash App is looking for an experienced product design director to lead its "newly streamlined" Commerce team, including working on payments, shopping, and businesses on the app, merchant programs, and Afterpay. The product design director will also recruit and lead other product designers at the company.

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Job Title: Research Software Engineer

Company: Blockchain Capital

Salary: $175,000 - $250,000 per year

Location: San Francisco, California

Blockchain Capital is a venture capital company founded in 2013. It's looking for an entry-level person to do research and experiments with protocol design, help with the "technical nuances of potential investments," and maintain infrastructure for portfolio companies.

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Job Title: Software & Solutions Development, Vice President

Company: Lenovo

Salary: $250,000 - $300,000 (Colorado, New York City, Nevada, and Washington-based residents) per year

Location: Morrisville, North Carolina, or Texas

Lenovo is looking for someone to work with business owners and its other technology teams to define, develop, and deliver product roadmaps for different services, and identify and coach top talent.

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