Third Point Investors (LON:TPOU) Stock Price Down 0.4%

,932 shares traded hands during mid-day trading, a decline of 12% from the average daily volume of 13,741,875 shares. The stock price of Third Point Investors Limited dropped 0.4% on Thursday.

The stock price of ) dropped by 0.4% on Friday. The stock price of the company dropped to GBX 19,13 ($0.24) before trading at GBX 19,30 ($0.24). A total of 12,115 shares were traded during the midday session, which is 45% less than the average daily trading volume of 21,985. The stock closed earlier at GBX 19,38 ($0.24).

Third Point Investors Price performance

The company's current ratio is 20.13. It also has a quick and debt-to equity ratio of 20,73. The company has a market capitalization of PS5,15 million. Its price-to earnings ratio is -2.39, and its beta is 0.52 The stock's 50-day average is GBX 19,25, and its two-hundred-day average is GBX 19,94.

About Third Point Investors

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Third Point Offshore Investors Limited, a closed ended feeder fund managed and launched by Third Point LLC. The fund invests the entire corpus into Third Point Offshore Fund Ltd. The fund benchmarks its performance against S&P 500TR USD. The fund was established on July 20, 2007, and has its domicile in Guernsey. offers a FREE daily email newsletter