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With avian flu and a new coronavirus variant spreading as summer begins, how can we keep healthy and still have fun?

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Memorial Day is here, and concerns remain about Covid-19 and bird flu, as new coronavirus variants emerge. CNN spoke with a wellness expert to address these concerns. The expert advises assessing the risk of severe illness from Covid-19, especially for high-risk individuals, and emphasizes the importance of vaccines and antiviral treatment. Outdoor gatherings are recommended to reduce the risk of viral transmission. As for bird flu, the risk to Americans is currently low, and there is no need to change milk, eggs, and meat consumption habits. Precautions should be taken when handling raw meat. In terms of health issues, it is important to watch out for heat-related illnesses during hot weather and to protect the skin from UV rays. It is also a good time for individuals to follow up on their health concerns and screenings.